Author = Mosallanejad, Bahman
Number of Articles: 4
2. Comparative evaluation between hypericin (hypiran) and fluoxetine in treatment of companion dogs with tail chasing

Volume 6, Issue 2, Spring 2015, Pages 167-172

Bahman Mosallanejad; Hossein Najafzadeh Varzi; Reza Avizeh; Mahdi Pourmahdi; Fatemeh Khalili

3. Ultrasonographic Evaluation of the Urinary System in New Zealand White Rabbit and Tolai Hare

Volume 2, Issue 2, Spring 2011, Pages 113-120

Abdolvahed Moarabi; Bahman Mosallanejad; Ali Reza Ghadiri; Mahdi Pourmahdi Borujeni

4. Seroprevalence of Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) among Client-owned Cats in Ahvaz, Southwestern of Iran

Volume 1, Issue 3, Autumn 2010, Pages 180-187

Bahman Mosallanejad; Masoud-Reza Seyfiabad Shapour; Reza Avizeh; Mehdi Pourmahdi