Nutrigenomics and its Applications in Animal Science

Document Type: Review Article


1 Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics, Faculty of Veterinary Science & A.H., Jabalpur (M.P.)-462008, India

2 Department of Animal Nutrition, Faculty of Veterinary Science & A.H., Jabalpur (M.P.)-462008, India

3 Dean, Faculty of Veterinary Science and A.H. Jabalpur (M.P.)-462008, India


Nutrigenomics applies genomic technologies to study how nutrients affect expression of genes. With the advent of the post genomic era and with the use of functional genomic tools, the new strategies for evaluating the effects of nutrition on production efficiency and nutrient utilization are becoming available. Nutrigenomics plays an efficient role in various fields of animal health like nutrition, production, reproduction, disease process etc. Nutrigenomic approaches will enhance researchers‟ abilities to maintain animal health, optimize animal performance and improve milk and meat quality.