Clinical, ultrasonographic and histopathologic diagnosis of ceruminous gland tumors in cats

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1 Surgery, Anesthesiology and Radiology Department, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Cairo University

2 Department of Pathology- Faculty of Veterinary Medicine- Cairo University



Ceruminous gland tumor is the most common tumor of the ear canal in cats. Otoscopic examination of the ear tumor is so difficult due to narrowing of the external ear canal. The present study aimed to investigate clinical, radiographic, ultrasonographic and histopathological characteristics of feline ceruminous gland neoplasm in cats. Ten cats with unilateral ear canal swelling were subjected to thorough physical and clinical investigations. Ultrasound of the ear canal and parotid gland was performed using 8 MHz linear probe. Tissue specimens were collected after surgical excision (total ear canal ablation) for histopathological examination. Clinical examination of the ceruminous tumors revealed firm pinkish mass obliterated the ear canal with purulent or bloody aural discharge. Ultrasound examination of the ear tumor was helpful in detecting the size, shape, echogenicity, extension of the tumors to the surrounding structures and the nature of the feline ceruminous tumor. Histopathological examination was the main diagnostic tool for detecting the nature of the ceruminous neoplasms.


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