1. Comparison of computed tomographic and cytological results in evaluation of normal prostate, prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia in dogs

Volume 10, Issue 1, Winter 2019, Pages 17-22

Yasamin Vali; Sarang Soroori; Mohammad Molazem; Majid Masoudifard; Alireza Vajhi; Samaneh Keshavarz; Hesameddin Akbarein

2. Volumetric evaluation of pituitary gland in dog and cat using computed tomography

Volume 9, Issue 4, Autumn 2018, Pages 337-341

Salah Nadimi; Mohammad Molazem; Seyedhosein Jarolmasjed; Mohammad Reza Esmaili Nejad

3. Survey of polycystic kidney disease and other urinary tract abnormalities using ultrasonography in Persian and Persian related cats in Iran

Volume 9, Issue 2, Spring 2018, Pages 99-103

Parinaz Tavasolian; Masoud Rajabioun; Hamideh Salari Sedigh; Mohammad Azizzadeh

4. Effects of medetomidine on intra-renal arteries resistive and pulsatility indices in clinically normal adult domestic shorthair cats

Volume 9, Issue 2, Spring 2018, Pages 137-143

Farzaneh Azizi; Mohammad Nasrollahzadeh Masouleh; Seeyamak Mashhadi Rafie; Ahmad Asghari; Saied Bokaie

5. Bilateral simple ectopic kidney in a cat

Volume 8, Issue 2, Spring 2017, Pages 175-177

Masoud Rajabioun; Hamideh Salari Sedigh; Ali Mirshahi

6. A case report of partial bilateral hind limb adactyly in a male lamb

Volume 7, Issue 4, Autumn 2016, Pages 357-359

Masoud Rajabioun; Hossein Kazemi Mehrjerdi; Samaneh Ghasemi

7. Are magnetic resonance imaging or radiographic findings correlated with clinical prognosis in spinal cord neuropathy?

Volume 7, Issue 3, Summer 2016, Pages 261-266

Fatemeh Neshat Halati; Alireza Vajhi; Mohammad Molazem; Mohammad Mehdi Dehghan; Fereshteh Ansari

8. Anatomical, radiographical and computed tomographic study of the limbs skeleton of the Euphrates soft shell turtle (Rafetus euphraticus)

Volume 7, Issue 2, Spring 2016, Pages 117-124

Behnaz Asadi Ahranjani; Bahador Shojaei; Zahra Tootian; Madjid Masoudifard; Amir Rostami