Submission Fee (National submissions only)

From November 02, 2020, a non-refundable Submission Fee of 2,000,000 IRR is required upon submission. The Submission Fee helps cover part of the administrative and system costs involved in peer review. The payment of the Submission Fee does not guarantee acceptance of the manuscript. Upon acceptance, authors are required to pay an article processing charge (APC). It is associated with only accepted articles to cover the costs of making the final version of the manuscript freely available via open access.

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Overseas corresponding authors are requested to provide a letter to declare their nationality and affiliation and attach it in the "Preliminary Payment" section.

Article processing charge (APC)

According to the Vet Res Forum editorial board’s recent decision, the APC will be increased to 10,000,000 IRR for Review/Original Articles/Short Communications and 9,000,000 IRR for Case Reports, respectively, effective after November 2, 2020 (Published date).


 Important Notice

We would like to thank all of the authors and contributors to VRF who have shared their valuable works with us during the recent 10 years. As an international journal, which covers a broad scope of veterinary medicine related topics including basic, experimental, and clinical researches, plenty of manuscripts have been received via the submission system. We assure you that the Editorial Board and staff do their best to facilitate the review and publication process to reciprocate your highly appreciated cooperation. Currently, in view of your significant contributions, there are a large number of accepted manuscripts pending for publication, and considering the limited potential for editorial development, the publication date cannot be determined. We are very grateful to you for your continued patience and comprehension.

  Important notice 

Respected authors are strongly advised to take the time to read the Guide for Authors, otherwise, submissions not following the Veterinary Research Forum format will not be processed and the manuscript would be returned to the author.

Acceptance rate

The acceptance rate of manuscripts for publishing in the Veterinary Research Forum during the last three years was 21.25%. 


Current Issue: Volume 11, Issue 3, Summer 2020, Pages 199-297 

1. Trichinella britovi as a risk factor for alternative pig production systems in Greece and Europe

Pages 199-205

Vasileios Papatsiros; Labrini Vasileiou Athanasiou; Despoina Stougiou; Georgios Christodoulopoulos; Sofia Boutsini

2. In vitro sperm storage with poultry oviductal secretions

Pages 207-211

Ana Karen Vargas Ibarra; Samantha Anahi Carcoba Pérez; Alejandro Avalos Rodríguez; Ana María Rosales Torres; Fernanda Rodriguez-Hernandez; Ricardo Camarillo Flores; José Antonio Quintana López; José Antonio Herrera Barragán

3. Metabolomic profiling of liver tissues after acute administration of vardenafil in rats

Pages 213-217

Onur Şenol; Şaziye Sezin Palabiyik; Beyzagül Polat; Yücel Kadioğlu; Mehmet Emrah Yaman

10. Molecular phylogenetic and genetic variability of Fasciola gigantica in Kermanshah province, western Iran with an overview to understand haplotypes distribution in Asia and Africa

Pages 265-271

Mohammad Bagher Rokni; Homayoon Bashiri; Saber Raeghi; Aref Teimouri; Vahid Shojaeimotlagh; Mohammad Reza Shiee; Arezoo Bozorgomid

12. Harris’s hawks (Parabuteo unicinctus) hematological parameters in different tropical locations

Pages 281-283

José Antonio Herrera-Barragan; Fernanda Rodriguez-Hernandez; Ricardo Camarillo-Flores; Gustavo Ernesto Quintero; Fernando Gual-Sill; Juan José Perez-Rivero

13. Designing an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for detection of anti-penicillin antibodies levels in various species of animals in Khuzestan province, Iran

Pages 285-288

Mohammad Khosravi; Mohammad Rahim Haji Hajikolaie; Shahrzad Alipour; Ara Ameri; Mohammad Bafandeh Dehaghi

14. Preliminary assessment of electrochemotherapy feasibility in dogs with vesical transitional cell carcinoma

Pages 289-293

Denner Santos Dos Anjos; Rafaela Guedes Buosi; Isadora Roratto; Luciane dos Reis Mesquita; Oscar Rodrigo Sierra Matiz; Carlos Eduardo Fonseca-Alves; Enrico Pierluigi Spugnini

15. Histopathological and immunohistochemical characterization of testicular T-cell lymphoma in a dog

Pages 295-297

Fatemeh Namazi; Aidin Shojaee Tabrizi; Forough Zarei Kordshouli

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