Volume & Issue: Volume 5, Issue 3, Summer 2014, Pages 161-240 
1. Clinical, laboratory and pathological findings in sub-acute monensin intoxication in goats

Pages 161-167

Mahdi Deljou; Mohammad Reza Aslani; Mehrdad Mohri; Ahmad Reza Movassaghi; Mohammad Heidarpour

5. Phylogenetic characterization of the fusion genes of the Newcastle disease viruses isolated in Fars province poultry farms during 2009-2011

Pages 187-191

Mohammad Javad Mehrabanpour; Setareh Khoobyar; Abdollah Rahimian; Mohammad Bagher Nazari; Mohammad Reza Keshtkar

6. Cardiovascular effects of Adonis aestivalis in anesthetized sheep

Pages 193-199

Masoud Maham; Farshid Sarrafzadeh-Rezaei

8. Effects of garlic supplementation on energy status of pre-partum Mahabadi goats

Pages 207-212

Rasoul Pirmohammadi; Ehsan Anassori; Zahra Zakeri; Mortaza Tahmouzi

10. Comparison between two portal laparoscopy and open surgery for ovariectomy in dogs

Pages 219-223

Elnaz Shariati; Jalal Bakhtiari; Alireza Khalaj; Amir Niasari-Naslaji

12. Pathological findings of slaughtered camels’ (Camelus dromedaris) kidneys in Najaf-Abad, Iran

Pages 231-235

Gholam Ali Kojouri; Hossein Nourani; Sirous Sadeghian; Hadi Imani; Abbas Raisi

13. Occurrence of congenital cerebral theileriosis in a newborn twin Holstein calves in Iran: Case report

Pages 237-241

Mohammad Tolouei Kaleibar; Javad Ashrafi Helan; Ezzatollah Fathi