1. Frequency of cardiac arrhythmias in high and low- yielding dairy cows

Pages 1-5

Afshin Jafari Dehkordi; Abdonnaser Mohebi; Masoumeh Heidari Soreshjani

2. Interrelationship of ╬▓eta-2 microglobulin, blood urea nitrogen and creatinine in streptozotocin -induced diabetes mellitus in rabbits

Pages 7-11

Shahram Javadi; Siamak Asri-Rezaei; Maryam Allahverdizadeh

3. Relationship between season, lactation number and incidence of clinical mastitis in different stages of lactation in a Holstein dairy farm

Pages 13-19

Maede Moosavi; Abdolah Mirzaei; Mohsen Ghavami; Amin Tamadon

4. Protective effects of vitamin E and Cornus mas fruit extract on methotrexate-induced cytotoxicity in sperms of adult mice

Pages 21-27

Leila Zarei; Rajabali Sadrkhanlou; Rasoul Shahrooz; Hassan Malekinejad; Behroz Eilkhanizadeh; Abbas Ahmadi

5. Molecular characterization and antibiotic resistance of enterotoxigenic and entero-aggregative Escherichia coli isolated from raw milk and unpasteurized cheeses

Pages 29-34

Mojtaba Bonyadian; Hamdollah Moshtaghi; Maryam Akhavan Taheri

6. The effects of short term intravenous infusion of a soybean based lipid emulsion on some blood constituents in sheep: A preliminary study

Pages 35-41

Hamid Akbari; Bahram Dalir-Naghadeh

7. Chemical composition and the nutritive value of pistachio epicarp (in situ degradation and in vitro gas production techniques)

Pages 43-47

Somayeh Bakhshizadeh; Akbar Taghizadeh; Hossein Janmohammadi; Sadegh Alijani

8. Role of opioid system in verapamil-induced antinociception in a rat model of orofacial pain

Pages 49-54

Esmaeal Tamaddonfard; Amir Erfanparast; Mina Taati; Milad Dabbaghi

9. Cryptosporidium parvum and Cryptosporidium andersoni infection in naturally infected cattle of northwest Iran

Pages 55-60

Yousef Mirzai; Mohammad Yakhchali; Karim Mardani

10. Study on mange mite of camel in Raya-Azebo district, northern Ethiopia

Pages 61-64

Nesibu Awol; Semere Kiros; Yisehak Tsegaye; Mohammed Ali; Birhanu Hadush

11. Prevalence and risk factors for Salmonella spp. colonization in broiler flocks in Shiraz, southern Iran

Pages 65-68

Maryam Ansari-Lari; Shahram Shekarforoush; Samira Mehrshad; Hosna Safari

12. Seroprevalence of Neospora caninum in slaughtered native cattle in Kurdistan province, Iran

Pages 69-72

Heidar Heidari; Abdolmajid Mohammadzadeh; Jamal Gharekhani

13. A case of conjoined twins (thoraco-omphalopygopagus tribrachius tetrapus) in lamb

Pages 73-76

Yazdan Mazaheri; Jamal Nourinezhad; Reza Ranjbar; Mahmood Khaksary Mahabady; Ali Reza Ghadiri; Hamid Lombeshkon

14. Spiculopteragia asymmetrica Infection in Cervus elaphus from Iran

Pages 77-79

Mohammad Reza Youssefi; Seyed Hossein Hoseini; Iraj Mobedi; Seyed Mohammad Hosseini; Behrang Ekrami