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Department of Anatomical Sciences, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Islamic Azad University, Shahrekord Branch, Shahrekord, Iran


Histological and histochemical studies on the pancreas of goose (Anser albifrons) were carried out using special staining and light microscope. The pancreas in goose is serous tubuloacinar gland having exocrine and endocrine part. Smooth muscle fibres were absent in capsule of pancreas. Acinar cells have bizonal shape. Intralobular ducts, Interlobular and main excretory ducts were present within parenchyma. The intralobular ducts were lined with a simple cuboidal epithelium reach interlobular ducts lined with low columnar epithelium. The main excretory ducts were lined by simple to stratified columnar epithelium. The glands inside the connective tissue of the ducts and basophilic staining on the apical surface of pancreatic duct system were found from the interlobular ducts to the main excretory ducts. The endocrine part was consisted of various shapes and sizes of alpha and beta islets. Mixed islets were not observed in the goose pancreas. Parasympathetic ganglia were observed in the exocrine pancreas. No significant differences were noted between males and females.