Document Type : Clinical Report


Department of Veterinary Medicine, Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Punjab, India


A one and a half years old male French bulldog weighing 9.50 kg was presented with the history of inappetence, lethargy, abdominal distension and exercise intolerance since last 2 days. The physical examination was done which revealed normal physiological parameters including temperature, mucus membrane color and capillary refill time except palpable precordial thrills, jugular distension on palpation, tachycardia and systolic murmurs on auscultation. Electrocardiography (ECG) was done which depicted ectopic foci with atrioventricular junctional tachycardia and right ventricular enlargement involving very small inverted P waves, deep S waves in leads I, II, III and augmented vector foot (aVF) and splintered QRS complexes. The dog was undergone chest radiography that revealed right atrial enlargement, increased sternal contact of heart on lateral view and a bulge at 9:00 o’clock to 11:00 o’clock depicted right atrial enlargement on dorso-ventral view. Lastly, echocardiography was done to arrive at a diagnosis confirming the Ebstein’s anomaly as a form of tricuspid valve dysplasia including apical displacement of tricuspid valve leaflets, division of right ventricle into atrialized and functional portions, increased displacement index, increased apex-mitral annulus to apex-tricuspid annulus ratio, severe right atrial dilatation and tricuspid regurgitation. The dog was medically treated with diuretics, angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors and inotropes and the owner was advised to put the dog on low sodium diet for 2 weeks. The dog has resolved clinical signs of right sided heart affection; but, suddenly collapsed at home. The owner denied for the necropsy of dog.


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