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Department of Agricultural Science and Technology, Nanchong Vocational and Technical College, Nanchong, China


The jaagsiekte sheep retrovirus (JSRV), belonging to the betaretrovirus genus of the retroviridae family, includes both exogenous and endogenous jaagsiekte sheep retroviruses (exJSRV and enJSRV, respectively). At the proviral genome level, exJSRV and enJSRV strains have a high degree of similarity with their main variation regions being the LTR, gag, and env genes. In this study, for the first time, we investigated and compared the distribution of CpG islands between these enJSRV and exJSRV strains. Specifically, we analyzed a total of 42 full-length JSRV genomic sequences obtained from the GenBank® database to identify CpG islands in the exJSRV and enJSRV genomes using the MethPrimer software. Our results showed that the CpG islands in the two JSRV strains were mainly distributed in the LTR, gag, and env genes. In exJSRVs, 66.66% (6/9), 33.33% (3/9), and 100% (9/9) of the sequences presented at least one CpG island in LTR, gag, env genes, respectively, and for enJSRVs, 84.84% (28/33), 57.57% (19/33), and 96.96% (32/33) of the sequences presented at least one CpG island in the LTR, gag, and env genes. These findings suggested that the distribution, length, and genetic traits of CpG islands were different for the exJSRV and enJSRV strains. In future, it would be necessary to demonstrate the biological significance of CpG islands within these genes in exJSRV and enJSRV genomes. This will enhance understanding regarding the potential role of CpG islands in epigenetic regulation.


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