Volume & Issue: Volume 11, Issue 2, June 2020, Pages 97-198 
Influence of the myotome zone and sex on the muscle cellularity and fillet ‎texture of diploid and triploid turbots Scophthalmus maximus L.‎

Pages 105-112

Maria Ayala; Jorge Hernández-Urcera; Marina Santaella; María Carmen Martínez Graciá; Octavio López-Albors; Rosa Cal

Efficacy of inactivated velogenic Newcastle disease virus genotype VII ‎vaccine in broiler chickens

Pages 113-120

Mohamed Fawzy; Rola Ali; Wael Elfeil; Amani Saleh; Mokhtar Eltarabilli

Comparative effects of nano-selenium and sodium selenite ‎supplementations on fertility in aged broiler breeder males

Pages 135-141

Mohammad Hossein Alavi; Manoochehr Allymehr; Alireza Talebi; Gholamreza Najafi

Silymarin protects the structure of kidney in the neonatal rats exposed to maternal cadmium toxicity: A stereological study

Pages 143-152

Gholamreza Hamidian; Shadmehr Mirdar; Pourya Raee; Kiyana Asghari; Maryam Jarrahi

Effect of chicken raw materials on physicochemical and microbiological properties of ‎mechanically deboned chicken meat

Pages 153-158

Naeimeh Akramzadeh; Zahra Ramezani; Rohollah Ferdousi; Behrouz Akbari-Adergani; Abdorreza Mohammadi; Nader Karimian-Khosroshahi; Bahareh Khalili Famenin; Zahra Pilevar; Hedayat Hosseini

Ultrasound-guided induced fetal death, an alternative method for induction of abortion in the bitch

Pages 165-170

Sarang Soroori; Soraya Saleh Gargari; Nima Sayyah; Mohammad Reza Esmaili Nejad

The challenge of getting a high quality of RNA from oocyte for gene expression study

Pages 179-184

Yusoff Maisarah; Noor Hashida Hashim; Mohd-Yusuf Yusmin

A cross sectional study on Dirofilaria immitis and Acanthocheilonema reconditum in sheepdogs in a western region in Iran

Pages 185-190

Mandana Hoseini; Fateme Jalousian; Seyed Hosein Hoseini; Abbas Gerami Sadeghian

Hemolytic anemia associated with Trypanosoma theileri in a cow from Kurdistan province, West of Iran ‎

Pages 191-193

Attaollah Hajihassani; Shilan Maroufi; Bijan Esmaeilnejad; Hajir Khorram; Mousa Tavassoli; Bahram Dalir-Naghadeh; Awat Samiei