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Congenital multi-organ malformations in a Holstein calf

Rahim Hobbenaghi; Bahram Dalir-Naghadeh; Ali Nazarizadeh

Volume 6, Issue 3 , September 2015, , Pages 257-260

  A 5-day-old female Holstein calf was necropsied because of lethargy, recumbency and anorexia. At necropsy, multiple gross defects were evident in several organs, including unclosed sutures of skull bones, asymmetrical orbits, doming of the skull bones, hydrocephalus, hydranencephaly, cleft palate, ...  Read More

Abnormal bisubclavian trunk arising from the aortic arch determined by cadaver dissection of a native dog: A case report

Younes Kamali; Mina Tadjalli Tadjalli

Volume 6, Issue 3 , September 2015, , Pages 261-263

  Congenital anomalies of the great thoracic vessels have been reported in 20% of dogs and cats. In some cases, the vascular ring anomalies remain unrecognized throughout the lifetime of an animal. This report describes a case with an unusual vascular ring anomaly (VRA) that was detected during dissection ...  Read More

Visceral urate deposition in a little bittern (Ixobrychus minutus)

Morad Rahimi; Zahra Minoosh Siavosh Haghighi

Volume 6, Issue 2 , June 2015, , Pages 177-180

  Visceral urate deposition (visceral gout) is a common finding during post-mortem examination of poultry. Rare cases of visceral gout may occur in wild birds. A rare case of visceral urate deposition in a little bittern (Ixobrychus minutus) is reported here. In May 2013, carcass of a little bittern was ...  Read More