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An overview on Leishmania vaccines: A narrative review article

Hossein Rezvan; Mohammad Moafi

Volume 6, Issue 1 , March 2015, Pages 1-7

  Leishmaniasis is one of the major health problems and categorized as a class I disease (emerging and uncontrolled) by World Health Organization (WHO), causing highly significant morbidity and mortality. Indeed, more than 350 million individuals are at risk of Leishmania infection, and about 1.6 million ...  Read More

The role of sera from equine grass sickness on apoptosis induction in PC12 Tet-off p53 cell line

Hassan Malekinejad; Nazli Alizadeh-Tabrizi; Araz Ostadi; Johanna Fink-Gremmels

Volume 6, Issue 1 , March 2015, Pages 9-15

  The pathogenesis of equine grass sickness (EGS) has not fully understood. A better understanding of the exact pathogenesis of diseases can help to make an accurate diagnosis. Previous studies reported some pathological damage of neuronal cells in EGS patients. In this study, primarily cytotoxicity of ...  Read More

Study of disbudding goat kids following injection of clove oil essence in horn bud region

Mohammad Mahdi Molaei; Ali Mostafavi; Reza Kheirandish; Omid Azari; Mohsen Shaddel

Volume 6, Issue 1 , March 2015, Pages 17-22

  This study was performed to evaluate the efficacy of injection of essential oil of Eugenia caryophyllata in the kid horn buds, as a new chemical technique for disbudding. Five-day-old healthy goat kids from both sexes (n = 16) were divided randomly into 4 equal groups. In groups 1, 2 and 3, 0.2 ...  Read More

The histological and histometrical effects of Urtica dioica extract on rat’s prostate hyperplasia

Hamid Reza Moradi; Naeem Erfani Majd; Saleh Esmaeilzadeh; Sayed Reza Fatemi Tabatabaei

Volume 6, Issue 1 , March 2015, Pages 23-29

  Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is a common disease in human that gradual overgrowth of the prostate gland leads to impinge on the urethra with impairment in urinary function. Numerous plants improve uncontrolled growth of the prostate gland and improve urinary tract symptoms associated with BPH. ...  Read More

The effect of Cinnamomum zeylanicum essential oil on chemical characteristics of Lyoner- type sausage during refrigerated storage

Majid Aminzare; Javad Aliakbarlu; Hossein Tajik

Volume 6, Issue 1 , March 2015, Pages 31-39

  The effect of Cinnamomum zeylanicum essential oil (CZEO) at two concentrations (0.02% and 0.04% v/w) on chemical composition, pH, water activity (aw), lipid oxidation, color stability and sensory characteristics of Lyoner-type sausage stored at 4 ˚C for 40 days was investigated. The moisture content ...  Read More

Digestion kinetics of carbohydrate fractions of citrus by-products

Saman Lashkari; Akbar Taghizadeh

Volume 6, Issue 1 , March 2015, Pages 41-48

  The present experiment was carried out to determine the digestion kinetics of carbohydrate fractions of citrus by-products. Grapefruit pulp (GP), lemon pulp (LE), lime pulp (LI) and orange pulp (OP) were the test feed. Digestion kinetic of whole citrus by-products and neutral detergent fiber (NDF) fraction ...  Read More

Stereological estimation and morphological assessment of the endocrine pancreatic components in relation to sex in hen

Rahmat Allah Fatahian Dehkordi; Hamid Moradi

Volume 6, Issue 1 , March 2015, Pages 49-54

  In pancreatic survey, quantitative and morphological characteristics could be fundamental variables for the evaluation of some structures. The aim of this study was the application of stereological methods for estimation of quantitative parameters and morphological evaluation of the pancreas in chickens. ...  Read More

Protective effects of cornus mas extract on in vitro fertilization potential in methotrexate treated male mice

Leila Zarei; Rasoul Shahrooz; Rajabali Sadrkhanlou; Hassan Malekinejad; Abbas Ahmadi; Zahra Bakhtiary

Volume 6, Issue 1 , March 2015, Pages 55-61

  Current study was aimed to evaluating protective effects of cornus mas fruit extract (CMFE) in mice treated with methotrexate (MTX). For this purpose, 48 young mature male mice were divided into 6 groups. Control group received only normal saline (0.1 mLper day, intraperitoneally), and the second group ...  Read More

Effect of dietary aloe vera on growth and lipid peroxidation indices in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Ghazale Golestan; Amir Parviz Salati; Saeed Keyvanshokooh; Mohammad Zakeri; Hossein Moradian

Volume 6, Issue 1 , March 2015, Pages 63-67

  Aloe vera has been used worldwide in pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries due to the plethora of biological activities of its constituents. This study was done to evaluate the effects of dietary aloe vera on growth and lipid peroxidation in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). A total number ...  Read More

Histomorphometric changes of small intestine in pregnant rat

Fatemeh Sabet Sarvestani; Farhad Rahmanifar; Amin Tamadon

Volume 6, Issue 1 , March 2015, Pages 69-73

  Food intake of rats increases during pregnancy. This requires changes in the structure of the small intestine to absorb additional food. The aim of the present study was to investigate the morphological changes in the layers of small intestine in rats during pregnancy. Duodenum, jejunum and ileum of ...  Read More

Survey of parasitic fauna of different ornamental freshwater fish species in Iran

Milad Adel; Fatemeh Ghasempour; Hamid Reza Azizi; Mohamad Hadi Shateri; Ahmad Reza Safian

Volume 6, Issue 1 , March 2015, Pages 75-78

  Parasitic diseases are harmful and limiting factors in breeding and rearing ornamental fish industry. In this study, 400 apparently healthy ornamental fishes from five species (each species 80 specimens) including: Goldfish (Carassius auratus), guppy (Poecilia reticulate), angelfish (Pterophyllum scalare), ...  Read More

Risk factors affecting chemical and bacteriological quality of bulk tank milk in Kerman, Iran

Ladan Mansouri-Najand; Zeinab Rezaii

Volume 6, Issue 1 , March 2015, Pages 79-82

  Milk is often described as a complete food because it contains protein, sugar, fat, vitamins, and minerals. This study was performed to investigate risk factors affecting chemical and bacteriological quality of bulk tank milk. According to the following conducted experiments, the milk was divided into ...  Read More

Molecular characterization of a new microvariant of the G3 genotype for Echinococcus granulosus in water buffalo in Iran

Marzie Babazadeh; Hassan Sharifiyazdi; Mohammad Moazeni; Sedigheh Gorjipour; Mahdi Heidari

Volume 6, Issue 1 , March 2015, Pages 83-87

  In this study, molecular characterization of Echinococcus granulosus sample obtained from water buffalo originating from southwest of Iran was performed using comparative sequence analysis of cox1 mitochondrial gene. DNA was extracted from protoscoleces removed from hydatid cyst from the liver of a 2-year-old ...  Read More

Concurrent atypical diffused tuberculosis and macrorhabdosis in a canary (Serinus canaria)

Seyed Ahmad Madani; Mohammad Reza Haddad-Marandi; Fatemeh Arabkhazaeli

Volume 6, Issue 1 , March 2015, Pages 89-93

  A dead canary from a mixed species zoological garden was presented for diagnostic necropsy. Cachexia with prominent atrophy of pectoral muscles, yellowish brown discoloration of the liver and kidney, dark brown to black intestinal contents and moderate proventricular dilatation with some degree of catarrhal ...  Read More

Adenovirus-like inclusion body hepatitis in a flock of broiler chickens in Kermanshah province, Iran

Morad Rahimi; Zahra Minoosh Siavosh Haghighi

Volume 6, Issue 1 , March 2015, Pages 95-98

  Inclusion body hepatitis (IBH) has been reported in many countries in the world. The IBH or similar cases characterized by hepatitis and presence of intra-nuclear inclusion bodies in hepatocytes have not been reported in broiler chickens in Iran. This is the first report on outbreak of adenovirus-like ...  Read More