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The Morphological Characterization of the Blood Cells in the Central Asian Tortoise (Testudo horsfieldii)

Mohammad Shadkhast; Homayoun-Reza Shabazkia; Amin Bigham-Sadegh; Seyed Ebrahim Shariati; Taji Mahmoudi; Mojdeh Shariffian-Fard

Volume 1, Issue 3 , December 2010, Pages 134-141

  In this study morphological characterization of leukocyte and erythrocyte were investigated in central Asian tortoise (Testudo horsfieldii) in Iran. 7 males and 7 females were used in this study. Erythrocyte and leukocyte morphology were described using Wright´s technique. The sizes of erythrocyte ...  Read More

Effects of the Seminal Plasma Iron and Lead Content on Semen Quality of Water Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) Bulls

Mahdi Eghbali; Sayed Mortaza Alavi-Shoushtari; Siamak Asri-Rezaei; Mohammad-Hassan Khadem Ansari

Volume 1, Issue 3 , December 2010, Pages 142-148

  In order to determine iron and lead content of seminal plasma in water buffalo and to study their associations with the semen characteristics, 54 semen samples were collected from 10 buffalo bulls. The semen characteristics were evaluated; its iron and lead content were estimated by atomic absorption ...  Read More

Disposition Kinetics of Amoxicillin in Healthy, Hepatopathic and Nephropathic Conditions in Chicken after Single Oral Administration

Moloy Kumar Bhar; Bakul Kumar Datta; Pabitra Hridoy Patra; Jeevan Ranjan Dash; Tapas Kumar Sar; Animesh Kumar Chakraborty; Tapan Kumar Mandal

Volume 1, Issue 3 , December 2010, Pages 150-156

  Fifteen broiler chickens (COBB 400) of 42 days of age weighing 1.8 to 2.0 kg were equally divided into 3 groups, each consisting of 5 birds. Hepatopathy was induced by oral administration of paracetamol while nephropathy was induced by intravenous administration of uranyl nitrate. Kinetic study was investigated ...  Read More

The Protective Effect of Liquorice Plant Extract on CCl4-Induced Hepatotoxicity in Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio)

Hassan Malekinejad; Arash Alizadeh; Hadi Cheraghi; Saeed Meshkin; Fereshteh Dardmeh

Volume 1, Issue 3 , December 2010, Pages 158-164

  The protective effect of liquorice plant extract (LPE) on CCl4-induced hepatotoxicity in common carp was evaluated using fifty adult carps. The fish were cultured in a standard environment in terms of water flow rate, oxygen, pH, food and temperature. The fish were assigned into 5 groups (N = 10) as ...  Read More

Thioperamide-induced Antinociception is Mediated through Endogenous Opioid System in the Dentate Gyrus of Adult Rats

Emad Khalilzadeh; Esmaeal Tamaddonfard; Amir-Abbas Farshid; Amir Erfanparast

Volume 1, Issue 3 , December 2010, Pages 166-173

  The present study investigated the effects of intra-dentate gyrus microinjection of naloxone (an opioid antagonist) and thioperamide (an antagonist of histamine H3 receptors) in the formalin test in rats. Subcutaneous injection of formalin (50 μl, 2.5 %) in the ventral surface of right hind paw produced ...  Read More

A Retrospective Survey of Fasciolosis and Dicrocoeliosis in Slaughtered Animals in Meisam Abattoir, Tehran, Iran (2005-2008)

Ali Khanjari; Razieh Partovi; Sepideh Abbaszadeh; Ghazal Nemati; Alireza Bahonar; Ali Misaghi; Afshin Akhondzadeh-Basti; Ahmad Alizadeh-Ilanjegh; Afshin Motaghifar

Volume 1, Issue 3 , December 2010, Pages 174-178

  Fasciolosis and dicrocoeliosis are endemic parasitic diseases in Middle East especially Iran, which making significant economic problems. This retrospective survey has been done to evaluate contamination rate of slaughtered animals with fasciolosis and dicrocoeliosis at Meisam abattoir, in Tehran, Iran. ...  Read More

Seroprevalence of Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) among Client-owned Cats in Ahvaz, Southwestern of Iran

Bahman Mosallanejad; Masoud-Reza Seyfiabad Shapour; Reza Avizeh; Mehdi Pourmahdi

Volume 1, Issue 3 , December 2010, Pages 180-187

  The present study was conducted to detect prevalence and risk factors for retrovirus infection of infected cats in a cat population in Iran, by evaluation of 238 client-owned cats of different ages that were tested for the presence of FIV antibodies. The cats were selected from those referring to Veterinary ...  Read More

Evaluation of Anti-ulcer Activity of Echinops Persicus on Experimental Gastric Ulcer Models in Rats

Ali Asadi Rad; Hossein Najafzadeh-Varzi; Ahmad Farajzadeh-Sheikh

Volume 1, Issue 3 , December 2010, Pages 188-191

  Extract of Echinops persicus is traditionally used for a long time in Iran for treatment of cough and constipation. This extract is produced by activity of bug (Situphilus spp.) on the plant. We documented its anti-tussive effect in rats in our previous study. The aim of this study was to assess the ...  Read More