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Epithelioid leiomyosarcoma arising from the ocular region in a dog

Tomokazu Nagashima; Chisato Kishi; Yukino Machida; Masaki Michishita

Volume 15, Issue 5 , May 2024, , Pages 257-260

  A 16-year-old male mixed-breed dog presented with a mass with hemorrhage at the right conjunctiva. Five months after the initial visit, the right eye protruded and had a firm and irregular mass measuring approximately 1.00 cm in diameter with conjunctival hemorrhage. Microscopically, the mass was comprised ...  Read More

A case of pulmonary linguatulosis in a rabbit

Ömer Faruk Keleş

Volume 15, Issue 5 , May 2024, , Pages 261-265

  Linguatula serrata can infect most ruminants and cause accidental infections in humans. It is a causative parasite of linguatulosis, a disease that not only produces economic losses in cattle but also represents a public health risk due to its zoonotic nature. This study aimed to explore the clinical ...  Read More

Congenital feline tuberculosis: the first case report

Osman Dağar; Mehmet Burak Ateş; Mustafa Ortatatlı; Fatih Mehmet Öztürk

Volume 15, Issue 4 , April 2024, , Pages 203-205

  This study presents the first report of congenital tuberculosis in an 8-month-old male British Shorthair cat. The case was examined using histopathological and immunohistochemical methods. The cat was referred to a private veterinary clinic with general respiratory system problems and subsequent deterioration, ...  Read More

Cell proliferation and apoptosis in canine oral papillomatosis

Emin Karakurt; Nuvit Coskun; Uğur Aydın; Serpil Dağ; Enver Beytut; Veysel Soydal Ataseven; Volkan Yılmaz; Fırat Doğan; Hilmi Nuhoğlu; Celal Şahin Ermutlu; Ayfer Yıldız

Volume 15, Issue 2 , February 2024, , Pages 75-82

  This study was aimed at the evaluation of cell proliferation, p53 level and apoptotic index by immunohistochemical methods in canine oral papillomatosis. The study material comprised of tumor tissue samples taken from six dogs being admitted to the Pathology Department of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, ...  Read More

Trichoderma harzianum as fungicide and symbiont: is it safe for human and animals?

Amir Ali Shahbazfar; Marzieh Heidarieh; Samira Shahbazi; Hamed Askari

Volume 14, Issue 11 , November 2023, , Pages 607-614

  Trichoderma species are considered as biological control agents against numerous phytopathogenic fungi. They are also helpful for plants as plant symbiont. This study aimed to identify harmful effects of Trichoderma in laboratory animals. In the first step, inhalation toxicity was studied. Six rats as ...  Read More

Detection of bovine viral diarrhea virus and bovine herpes virus type 1 in cattle with and without endometritis

Ayhan Atasever; Ali Sefa Mendil; Mehmet Ozkan Timurkan

Volume 14, Issue 10 , October 2023, , Pages 541-548

  This study aimed to investigate the potential presence of bovine herpes virus type 1 (BHV-1) and bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) in cattle uteri that did not display any clinical and macroscopic signs of infection. Virus detection involved polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test, double immunohistochemistry ...  Read More

Canine myxoid liposarcoma in Iran: a clinical report

Hossein Alavizadeh; Zahra Moosavi

Volume 14, Issue 6 , June 2023, , Pages 347-350

  A 15-year-old male terrier dog with symptoms of lethargy and severe abdominal distension was referred to the polyclinic hospital of the Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Mashhad, Iran. In addition to numbness and abdominal distension, the dog also had anorexia and severe weakness and some skin masses were ...  Read More

Crocin exerts improving effects on indomethacin-induced small intestinal ulcer by antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-apoptotic mechanisms

Sadat Ghafarzadeh; Rahim Hobbenaghi; Esmaeal Tamaddonfard; Amir Abbas Farshid; Mehdi Imani

Volume 10, Issue 4 , December 2019, , Pages 277-284

  Crocin is a plant-derived carotenoid and bears potent antioxidant property. Ranitidine (a histamine H2 receptor blocker) is used for peptic ulcer treatment. The present study was planned to investigate the effects of crocin and ranitidine on indomethacin-induced ulcer in small intestine of rats. Animals ...  Read More

The effects of crocin, mesalazine and their combination in the acetic acid-induced colitis in rats

Amir Faramarzpour; Ali Asghar Tehrani; Esmaeal Tamaddonfard; Mehdi Imani

Volume 10, Issue 3 , September 2019, , Pages 227-234

  Crocin, as a carotenoid compound of saffron, exerts a potent antioxidant property. Mesalazine is frequently used in the treatment of ulcerative colitis. This study investigated the effects of separated and combination treatments with crocin and mesalazine in a rat model of ulcerative colitis. Ulcerative ...  Read More

Electrochemotherapy palliation of an oral squamous cell carcinoma in an African hedgehog (Atelerix albiventris)

Enrico Pierluigi Spugnini; Andrea Lanza; Silvia Sebasti; Alfonso Baldi

Volume 9, Issue 4 , December 2018, , Pages 379-381

  A five-year-old female African hedgehog (Atelerix albiventris) was referred for a one month growing oral mass. The hedgehog was quiet, alert and responsive, with a 1.00 × 1.50 cm ulcerated lesion on the mandible. The patient was staged with total body radiographs, hematological and biochemical ...  Read More

Small Animal Internal Medicine
Multicentric lymphoma in a Rottweiler dog with bilateral ocular involvement: A case report

Hamed Mansour Lakooraj; Mahmood Ahmadi-hamedani; Omid Dezfoulian; Masoud Selk Ghaffari

Volume 9, Issue 3 , September 2018, , Pages 285-288

  A 10-year-old, male Rottweilerdog was presented to Small Animal Hospital of Tehran University with a history of lethargy, anorexia, weight loss, vomiting, polyuria, polydipsia and blindness. The dog showed symptoms of depression, high body temperature (39.2 ˚C), tachypnea (40 breaths min-1) and cachexia. ...  Read More

Small Animal Internal Medicine
Metastatic giant cell osteosarcoma in a cat

Ghasem Farjanikish; Omid Dezfoulian; Hossein Mohammadi

Volume 9, Issue 3 , September 2018, , Pages 289-292

  A four-year-old male Persian cat was referred with three weeks history of progressive lameness due to a rigid osseous mass with 3.50×2.50×2.00 cm in dimensions in his left arm. In the histopathological evaluation of bone biopsy, two distinct populations of cells including multinucleated giant ...  Read More

Fabrication of novel tubular scaffold for tendon repair from chitosan in combination with zinc nanoparticles

Alireza Yousefi; Farshid Sarrafzadeh-Rezaei; Siamak Asri-Rezaei; Amir-Abbas Farshid; Mehdi Behfar

Volume 9, Issue 2 , June 2018, , Pages 105-111

  Chitosan bears numerous properties, such as biocompatibility, biodegradability and non-toxicity making it suitable for use in different biomedical fields. Zinc (Zn) is required for fibroblasts proliferation and collagen synthesis as essential elements of wound healing. Its nanoparticles are well known ...  Read More

Small Animal Surgery
Evaluation of matrix metalloproteinases (MMP)-2 and MMP-9 activity in serum and biochemical and hematological parameters in spontaneous canine cutaneous tumors before and after surgical treatment

Vahid Fathipour; Zohreh Khaki; Seyyed Mehdi Nassiri

Volume 9, Issue 1 , March 2018, , Pages 19-26

  Recently, matrix metalloproteinases (MMP), in particular the gelatinases MMP-2 and MMP-9, generally considered as tumor markers for clinical applications. A longitudinal 2-years follow-up survey was performed on dogs with cutaneous tumor. Serum samples were obtained from 22 dogs with different cutaneous ...  Read More

Large Animal Internal Medicine
Congenital lumbar vertebrae agenesis in a lamb

Mohammad Farajli Abbasi; Bahador Shojaei; Omid Azari

Volume 8, Issue 4 , December 2017, , Pages 361-363

  Congenital agenesis of lumbar vertebrae was diagnosed in a day-old female lamb based on radiology and clinical examinations. There was no neurological deficit in hindlimb and forelimb associated with standing disability. Radiography of the abdominal region revealed absence of lumbar vertebrae. Necropsy ...  Read More

Clinical Pathology
Anti-atherosclerotic effect of Cynodon dactylon extract on experimentally induced hypercholesterolemia in rats

Belal Pashaie; Rahim Hobbenaghi; Hassan Malekinejad

Volume 8, Issue 3 , September 2017, , Pages 185-193

  Cynodon dactylon (Bermuda grass) is a perennial plant traditionally used as an herbal medicine in many countries. In the present study, anti-atherosclerotic property of ethanolic extract of C. dactylon was investigated in the experimentally induced hypercholesterolemia in rats. In this study, 36 male ...  Read More

Effects of Guajol® ointment synthesized from medicinal smoke condensate of jennet feces on burn wound healing on Wistar rat

Farhad Safarpoor Dehkordi; Farhang Tirgir; Yousef Valizadeh

Volume 8, Issue 3 , September 2017, , Pages 215-221

  Application of smoke condensate derived from an indirect heating of jennet feces (Sargin) had been recommended by Iranian ancient scientists as a therapeutic agent. The present study was done to evaluate the healing effects of Guajol® ointment on burn wound in rat. The Guajol® ointment was prepared ...  Read More

Effects of turmeric (Curcuma longa) and vitamin E on histopathological lesions induced in bursa of Fabricius of broiler chicks by salinomycin

Reza Sayrafi; Navideh Mirzakhani; Reza Mobaseri

Volume 8, Issue 3 , September 2017, , Pages 231-236

  The aim of this study was to evaluate the protective effects of the turmeric in comparison to vitamin E on bursal damages induced by salinomycin in broiler chickens. In this study, forty one day-old broiler chicks were randomly divided into four treatment groups: 1- basal diet as control, 2- ...  Read More

Extraskeletal osteoma in a canary (Serinus canaria)

Moosa Javdani; Mohammad Hashemnia; Zahra Nikousefat; Mohammad Ghasemi

Volume 8, Issue 3 , September 2017, , Pages 265-268

  Osteoma is an uncommon bone tumor in avian species and other animals. A 2-year-old male canary (Serinus canaria) with a history of an oval mass in the left wing for several months was examined. Radiographs showed a radio-opaque mass. Upon the bird’s owner request, the canary was euthanatized and ...  Read More

Cerebral astrocytoma in a sheep

Ghasem Farjanikish; Azizollah Khodakaram-Tafti; Omid Dezfoulian

Volume 8, Issue 3 , September 2017, , Pages 269-273

  Astrocytoma as one of the most common central nervous system (CNS) tumors is rarely reported in veterinary literature. A 7-year-old Persian Lori-Bakhtiari ewe was presented to the clinic with a two months history of progressive blindness, nystagmus to the right, bilaterally decreased pupillary reflexes, ...  Read More

Curcumin-loaded poly lactic-co-glycolic acid nanoparticles effects on mono-iodoacetate -induced osteoarthritis in rats

Firoozeh Niazvand; Layasadat Khorsandi; Mohammadreza Abbaspour; Mahmoud Orazizadeh; Negar Varaa; Mahtab Maghzi; Kheironesa Ahmadi

Volume 8, Issue 2 , June 2017, , Pages 155-161

  Curcumin has been found to be very efficacious against many different types of diseases. However, the major disadvantage associated with the use of curcumin is its low systemic bioavailability. In the present study the protective effects of curcumin-loaded poly lactic-co-glycolic acid nanoparticles (nanocurcumin) ...  Read More

Leydig cell tumor in ovary of a German Shepherd bitch: An immunohistopathological study

Ghasem Farjanikish; Ahmad Oryan

Volume 8, Issue 1 , March 2017, , Pages 81-84

  Leydig cell tumor as a sex-cord stromal tumor is a relatively uncommon ovarian tumorin bitch. A 10-year-old female German Shepherd dog was presented because of protrusion of a large tumor-like mass of 16 × 14 × 7 cm in dimensions from her vagina. After stabilization of the patient, the mass ...  Read More

Spondylitis in broiler breeder farms in West-Azerbaijan province, Iran: Clinical Report

Alireza Talebi; Jafar Taifebagherlu; Arian Sharifi; Fatemeh Delkhosh-Kasmaie

Volume 7, Issue 4 , December 2016, , Pages 353-355

  Spondylitis is a reemerging epidemic spinal infection in male broiler chickens (5 to 7 weeks of age) as well as broiler breeder roosters (15 to 18 weeks of age). Among various causative agents, Enterococcus species and in particular E. cecorum, a gram-positive bacterium as a gastrointestinal flora of ...  Read More

Large Animal Internal Medicine
A case of asymmetrical monocephalus dipygus (tetrapus dibrachius) in a male Holstein calf in Iran

Behrokh Marzban Abbasabadi; Aliakbar Ahmadzadeh; Shahab Ramezanpour; Amir Reza Hajati Ziabari

Volume 7, Issue 2 , June 2016, , Pages 177-179

  Dipygus is a teratological fetus with a double pelvis, genitals, and extremities. Congenital duplications in cattle are rare. Caudal duplication is more common in sheep and pigs while cranial duplications seem to be predominant in cattle.Asymmetric or parasitic conjoined twins consisting of an incomplete ...  Read More

Effects of histidine and vitamin C on isoproterenol-induced acute myocardial infarction in rats

Masoumeh Moradi-Arzeloo; Amir Abbas Farshid; Esmaeal Tamaddonfard; Siamak Asri-Rezaei

Volume 7, Issue 1 , March 2016, , Pages 47-54

  In the present study, we investigated the effects of histidine and vitamin C (alone or in combination) treatments against isoproterenol (a β-adrenergic receptor agonist)-induced acute myocardial infarction in rats. We used propranolol (a β-adrenergic receptor blocker) to compare the results. ...  Read More